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Business Advisory Services (BAS) Providers

Smart Regional Consultants (SRC)

Smart Regional Consultants (SRC) is a leading provider of business development and advisory services to SMEs. Since its establishment in 2012, the woman-led firm has supported more than 500 SMEs to aggregate products for local and export markets, and has been able to leverage over $9 million in debt and equity for their expansion and commercialisation

SRC incubates SMEs, coaching and mentoring them on entrepreneurship, internal control systems, financial policies and procedures, and business management. Through this process, SRC supports the creation of sustainable SMEs that can compete in a commercial market and that can sustainably work in a community. The consulting firm has been implementing various SME-focused development activities in partnership with international development partners and local private sector actors. 

SRC is also leading in provision of advisory services to women-led SMEs and has established a base in Isiolo County to offer business advisory services to SMEs in northern Kenya.  

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