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Business Advisory Services (BAS) Providers

Kiptiness & Odhiambo Associates LLP

Kiptiness & Odhiambo (KO) Associates LLP is a commercial law firm that has been in operation since 2011. Based in Nairobi, the firm also has regional offices in Kampala and Kigali. With its strong focus on finance, energy, technology, trade and investment, the firm supports smallholder farmers, SMEs, and manufacturers along the livestock and horticulture value chains.

KO Associates offers a full service legal support including commercial advisory, transaction advisory, tax dispute resolution through arbitration, litigation and mediation, competition, compliance advisory, and intellectual property protection.

As part of USAID’s Kenya Investment Mechanism’s network of business advisory services providers, KO Associates identifies financiers interested in financing targeted enterprises, links enterprises to private equity investors, and facilitates access to other financial products, among other services.

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