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Business Advisory Services (BAS) Providers

Dry Associates

Dry Associates is a pioneer of capital origination in Kenya, with experience in raising short- and long-term capital for growing companies. Established in 1994, the company is an investment bank with a reputation for raising capital that puts corporations on a sound financial footing.

Dry Associates is also active in raising public as well as private equity. In particular, the company is working with private companies to provide valuation and private equity options.

Since being licensed to issue Unit Trusts in 2016, Dry Associates has raised approximately KES 2.75 billion under management for Unit Trusts alone. In in just five years Dry Associates has raised over KES 20 billion for Kenyan companies!

In partnership with the Kenya Investment Mechanism, Dry Associates supported Watu, a company that provides loans to entrepreneurs to purchase motorbikes and three-wheelers for agri-logistics, to raise over $10 million in funding. Today, Watu has been positioned to provide a means for people at the bottom of the pyramid to make a living as they can now afford to own motorcycles and three-wheelers.

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